Well Drilling Services

Water Well Drilling
At Buer Well Drilling we specialize in drilling both residential and commercial water wells for businesses and homes throughout West Michigan. Our mud-rotary and cable tool drill rigs are capable of drilling 4" to 12" cased water wells. We offer PVC or steel well casing, and we'll help you decide which drilling method and casing material is the best choice for your well and your water quality.

With Buer Well Drilling, your property is protected; we use PVC mats under our drill rig tires to minimize lawn damage and we offer Vacuum truck services to remove drill cuttings from your site if needed. No size well installation is too big; our water well pump installation trucks are equipped with hydraulic derricks & hoists capable of installing submersible well pumps ranging from 1/2hp to 150hp. From new home construction to large commercial building well drilling, we provide the right equipment for your job.

If the well drilling site is located away from the building being serviced, trenching and excavating equipment is available for installing the pitless adapter and water pipelines from the well to your home. We have specialty trenching equipment that allows us to install water lines under drives, decks, existing landscaping, and even buildings without damaging your property.

We also test your well water while drilling to assure that we construct your well at the depth that will produce the best quality and quantity of clean water. Our goal is to involve you in making decisions during all phases of your new well; with your input, we can design a water well system to best meet your needs.

Irrigation Wells
At Buer, we can also provide an affordable way to water your lawn or crops. To create wells specifically for irrigation, we drill 4' thru 12' diameter irrigation wells cased with PVC or steel which that can provide from 10 to 1,000 GPM. We are even able to drill irrigation wells on properties serviced by city water, making irrigation affordable for our customers. Call us for more for details.

Geo-thermal Open Loop Systems
We will work with you to design your new well with a variable speed constant pressure pumping system to supply the extra gallons needed for your geothermal open loop system, home, and irrigation needs. We will pay special attention making sure we drill to the aquifer that has the adequate supply and water quality to keep your new ground well water geo-thermal system working reliably for years to come.

Geo-thermal Closed Loop Systems
We drill and install geothermal vertical closed loop systems and have equipment to grout with high solids thermally enhanced grouts or bentonite grouts. We will fill the loops with fluid and pressure test them for you. Vertical loops are the answer when you have limited space and there is not room for horizontal loop systems. Talk to us about the advantages of geo-thermal heating and cooling and why it is the "greenest" heat on the market.

Cathodic Protection Drilling
We have the drilling rigs and grouting equipment to install cathodic protection equipment for grouting with coke breeze material.

Geo-thermal Recharge Wells
Geo-thermal recharge wells are used to return the waste water to the aquifer. Talk to us to find out if this option will work for you.

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water well drilling michigan

water well drilling michigan