Citizens want their water wells and the Cities of Grand Rapids and Walker respond.

Author: Steve Buer
Publish Date: April 01, 2011

After Grand Rapids citizens found out that the city was considering eliminating their option to drill replacement wells for potable water on their properties, they decided to speak up. Property owners spoke up in objection to the new proposal at City Council meetings, and after hearing the outcry from citizens, the City Commissioners voted to allow property owners in Grand Rapids to drill a replacement well instead of forcing well owners to abandon their wells and connect to the municipal water lines if the local health dept. would issue a well permit. The ordinance was passed on Nov. 30th, 2010, and the effective date of the ordinance was 30 days following. Ordinance #2010-Sec. 2.23.1 “Public Water Connection Required” is the official name of the amended section.


The city of Walker followed suit and is also now allowing wells to be drilled in Walker. If you would like to continue using well water to supply your home or business in Grand Rapids or Walker when your existing well fails, we can help. We will apply for a well permit with the Kent County Health Department. Kent County will issue a well permit as long as all the criteria is met to ensure the water under your property is safe for consumption. You can than proceed to install a water well to supply your home or business.


There are many benefits to owning your own water well rather than connecting to the city water system. With your own well, you won\'t have to pay the fees to connect to the city water system and you also won\'t have to pay a quarterly water bill. Additionally, sourcing water from aquifers rather than surface water, such as Lake Michigan (where Grand Rapids draws its city water), can produce cleaner, more healthful water. This was a great victory for property owners to be able to exercise their rights to determine how they should best supply water to their homes or businesses. We encourage the residents of Cascade, Ada, and other outlying communities that purchase water from the City of Grand Rapids to speak with their township Commissioners about following Grand Rapids lead and allowing property owners in their townships to choose the best option of how to supply their properties with potable water.


Please contact Buer Well Drilling if you would like more information on your rights as a property owner to use well water to supply your home or business. If you would like to use well water for commercial process water or for irrigation, you generally will be allowed to drill a well in all townships at this time.

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