Read the great testimonials from our customers!

"Thank you for your speedy and friendly service. So appreciated!"

Don, Grand Rapids - September 2021

"Thank you for the prompt service. You had our water restored within a few hours of calling your office. "

Pat, Lowell - August 2021

"You guys are the best. Twice now you have been my heroes! Three years ago my pressure tank sprung a leak while my husband was out of town and you took care of me the same day I called even though you hadn’t installed or serviced our well before. And this morning you got back to me at 7:20 AM after I left a message on July 5th (the observed July 4 holiday) and assured me you got the message and a service person would call in about 40 minutes. Caleb spent the 85 degree day patiently getting our 40 year old motor replaced. Thanks so much. Forever a customer. "

Lisa, Belmont - July 2021

"We enjoyed working with your company. Thank you so much for clean water, no Iron so far. Also the water pressure is fantastic! We have never had such great pressure in 30 years. "

Deb, Byron Center - May 2021

"Everything is working perfectly and we couldn't be more grateful for Buer's hard work. The whole crew for both the drilling and the install were super professional and very helpful. "

Drew, Grand Rapids - April 2021

"Thank you for the excellent service by your outstanding crews! We have water back in the house and are awaiting the water test tomorrow. I can now join the chorus of my neighbors in singing the praises of Buer Well Drilling."

Dale, Grand Rapids - March 2021

"I would like to compliment you guys on your great service!! I will recommend you to all of my friends!! Thank you!!"

Jennifer, Ada - November 2020

"Thank you so much for responding to our water situation so quickly and efficiently. Appreciate your time & effort! "

John, Caledonia - September 2020

"Thanks to all your staff for their great knowledge and work on our pump and tank. We would like to compliment them on their expertise and knowledge. They also explained everything and helped us understand everything they were doing. Thanks so very much for coming as quickly as you did. As I know this time of year is especially busy. Referrals are the best compliments a business can receive. We will be happy to refer our neighbors and friends."

Cindy, Caledonia - August 2020

"Just want to thank you for going above and beyond to help us."

Mary, Middleville - August 2020

"I thought it appropriate to send an email about Jason and his partner, who did the work at my home. I have been in the construction business since the early 1970s and my construction company, one of the ten largest in Kent County, has been in business for 28 years. I found Jason and his partner to be exemplary employees for Buer Well. Their level of professionalism, capability, work ethic, and politeness is a rarity in today’s world and I appreciated the time I spent with them overcoming the problems of a pipe leak, and replacement of almost all the well components. I decided to upgrade all components to, hopefully, give me several decades of troublefree service. I will furthermore note the capability of Buer Well’s office. I had Buer put in my well when I designed and constructed my home in 1987. That was a time before PCs, and I had had no reason to contact Buer Well for 33 years, since I had no issues with the well. Nonetheless, you had all of the records regarding my well in your computer. That was impressive."

Mark R. Grand Rapids - July 2020

"Love the new well, Thanks again!"

Don S., Caledonia - June 2020

"The guys came and left already and did an outstanding job. Thank you"

Russ, Lowell - May 2020

"Thank you very much. You guys are AWESOME. I can’t believe how quickly you responded to help us and then how effectively the guys worked. Top notch crew. "

Dottie, Grand Rapids - April 2020

"Thank you all for your excellent service and quality work!"

Amy, Ada, MI - January 2020

"Thank you so very much for the fabulous service provided replacing my pump! Dennis and team were so great!"

Lisa, Wayland - December 2019

"Thanks for the great, quick service!!"

Kathi, Ada - November 2019

" Thank you so much! Buer Well exceeded my expectation on all accounts and regarding every person I have spoken to or worked with! It has been a pleasure working with you and your company! Thank you so much!"

Mark, Caledonia - September 2019

"We appreciated Dennis very much. He carefully considered our concern, explained the situation and offered knowledgeable advice--all with a kind, friendly attitude. This was a second opinion for our concerns. The service from Buer was significantly better. When we have opportunity, we will recommend Buer to others. Thank you,"

L.T., Ada - September 2019

"Thanks! You were recommended by a friend. Good Job."

Brandon S., Dorr - September 2019

"Thank your managers for me for the great immediate service on repairs for my water failure crisis ! Your technician team was awesome !"

Rich B. Byron Center - August 2019

"We really appreciated your professionalism and also everyone of your employees were wonderful to work with! "

Mrs. V., Caledonia - July 2019

"Thank you for getting us on your schedule so quickly. Both gentlemen from Buer were very courteous and professional. The well is inside our building, behind a wall and coffee station. Before they left they put everything back in order ( I didn’t expect them to do this). They represent your company well!"

Tracy W., Grand Rapids - July 2019

"Thanks so much. Service was fast and great. Jamie was, like always, honest and good at what he does. I really appreciate Buer Well!"

Pete M., Caledonia - May 2019

"Thank you for quick service. Dennis did a great job. Thanks again."

Tony, Caledonia - April 2019

"I want to express how wonderful your team was especially with the conditions out today, absolutely went above and beyond!"

Rebecca C. Grand Rapids - January 2019

"Thank you so much. We are so grateful for the work Buer did (even in such unbearable work conditions), "

Jackie, Byron Center - January 2019

"Thank you for drilling the new well so quickly. Thank you to your considerate employees."

Mrs. C., Middleville - December 2018

"Dear Team from Buer, Thank you for your help. It has been one of the most pleasant businesses I've dealt with. I'd be honored to recommend you to anyone needing a new well."

Syble, Alto - December 2018

"Lost pressure from my well. Called Godwin Plumbing and they recommended Buer Well Drilling. I called them at 3:00PM and Susan set appointment at 8:30AM the next morning. Ron and Sam showed up and discovered major leak from horizontal line to house at the well head. They had to call Miss Dig before continuing. By 3:00PM they had the leak repaired. Great service at a very modest price. I would definitely recommend Buer Well Drilling, Inc."

James R., Grand Rapids - September 2018

"Thanks for your prompt response to our call. Dennis is the BEST!!"

Mike M., Kentwood - August 2018

"Thank you for your fine work."

Bill U., Grand Rapids - August 2018

"Just wanted to say, I couldn’t be more pleased with the well, it’s amazing compared to what I had! Also your crew are a great bunch of guys who really know their stuff! Thanks again!!!"

John H., Middleville - August 2018

"First, I want staff and management to know how much I appreciated the quick response in meeting our need. What an impressive and positive customer experience! The entire Buer Team is professional, knowledgeable, focused on the customer, and delivers a quality service!"

Cindy, Alto - August 2018

"Thank you for such quick service. You guys are awesome!!!!!!"

Jackie D. Caledonia - July 2018

"Dennis, GREAT job!!!"

Mike M., Grand Rapids - July 2018

"I would really like to thank Dennis for the service provided today. We really appreciate the quick response to solve our water issue. We are so thankful to have our water restored!"

Jenny K., Ada - July 2018

"Thanks Steve and staff- appreciate all you did."

Mary H. Hastings - June 2018

"Ron did a great job repairing our well. He was great to work with.Thank you for a job WELL DONE!! "

Phil W., Middleville - May 2018

"Thank you for your great service."

James S., Caledonia - April 2018

"I cannot praise Phil and Caleb highly enough for their kindness, professionalism, neatness. They did a great job."

Elizabeth S., Freeport - April 2018

"Thank you Jamie and crew for your prompt attention to our situation!"

Kathy S., Grand Rapids - February 2018

"Thank you for the prompt service!"

Carol H., Middleville - February 2018

"Thanks very much for speedy service!"

Mary S., Caledonia - January 2018

"Thank you for always great and fast service."

Sue T., Caledonia - January 2018

"Thank you for coming out the same day to repair the well. We appreciate it!"

Harvey D., Middleville - January 2018

"Thanks for always taking good care of us."

Judy K., Caledonia - December 2017

"Ron just left and I must tell you how thankful we are. He did a great job and ought to be commended for having found the problem and fixed it so quickly. Big thanks to Ron!"

Justin D., Caledonia - November 2017

"Thank you so much for all your help and kindness to us. We so appreciated it."

Steve H., Alto - October 2017

"Your company did a very good job. Very professional and very happy with the finished work."

J.B. Byron Center - September 2017

"Dear Buer Staff, Thank you for helping with our two problems!"

John V., Alto - August 2017

"I just wanted to take a second and give you guys some praise because you were great to work with! We work with well drillers and water companies all over the US and we appreciate a company that is easy to work with and gets us exactly what we need for our veterans."

M. Home Mortgage Company - June 2017

"Your crew just left - would like to thank you for all of your help. Please pass along my compliments to your crew. Very personable and professional."

Eric F., Alto - June 2017

"Just a quick note to say thank you for choosing to work with Bruce Heys Builders. Your level of service and commitment to excellence are valued. We look forward to building our relationship in 2017!"

Bruce H., Ada - April 2017

"Just wanted to say thanks and what a great experience working with you and your crew. Dennis did a wonderful job and we are very pleased. Maybe we can do some other things in the future with my farm well systems when I need help. Thanks again"

Doug, Rockford - March 2017

"Thank you so much for an outstanding job! Your tech was just great, I'm sure you'd like to clone him."

Lucy, Rockford, MI - March 2017

"Thank you so much for the great work. I really appreciate your company. Jamie did a very good job."

Peter V., Grand Rapids - March 2017

"To all the members of the Buer Team, thank you for your outstanding service!"

Paul V., Bellevue - February 2017

"I was very happy with the service provided and with the service techs. They did a great job and did not have the best conditions to work in. Thank you."

Harvey B., Martin - February 2017

"Very happy with the service from your tech. He was quiet, but sure knew what he was doing. "

C. S. , Alto - February 2017

"Water pressure switch was working erratically, and pressure tank wouldn't hold water. Since this tank was over 30 years old, I had expected to need to replace it at a cost of over $1,000. Dennis immediately found that the problem was with the pressure gauge and said the pressure tank was fine. He replace the gauge and a couple other parts I requested, and the pressure tank refilled and the whole system worked great. I had expected to pay over $1000, but ended up paying less than $350. I appreciated his honesty and character, and would be happy to work with or recommend Buers again."

Dave, Grand Rapids - December 2016

"Great service, honest problem resolution!! I called at 8am and my water problem was solved by 5pm. My problem was a rust hole in the well up-pipe that needed to be replaced. The technician, Dennis, made an accurate diagnosis of the scenerario and a preventative future problem well here. It took him 4 hours but he was committed and able to fix the problem on the spot. I would highly recommend Buer for any future project needs. Thanks to them, the water in my house works tonight. I am so thankful."

Arthur D., Ada - November 2016

"Thank you for your quick attention to our broken well water tank. You guys are real pros. Due to the fact everyone in the Woodland Park Assc. area of Reeds Lake has a well system I make an effort to refer you to other neighbors."

Kurt K., Grand Rapids - October 2016

"Thank you for your immediate attention to my problem"

Joni, Byron Center - October 2016

"The guy that came out to replace our well pump was so super nice, friendly and polite. My wife and I were very impressed with the service."

Roman P., Ada - September 2016

"Thanks for the great service. Jamie and Mario did a great job and were knowledgeable and professional."

Dave H., Grand Rapids - August 2016

"I just wanted to thank the entire Buer team for the fast and efficient response to our well pump issue! We just purchased our 1964 home and had a minor disaster due to a failed pressure switch. You had a team out on Friday morning and Dennis and Mario were terrific! Not only did they have all the parts they needed to fix it on the spot, they gave me an education on well systems (this is our first). Best of all, Dennis gave me a tip on how to finish the repair on our whole-house fan! When he gave me the invoice I think he was surprised when I said “you’re worth every penny!” Being in a service-related business myself I am very sensitive to customer service and how it is delivered – and Buer Well Drilling does it right! Thanks again to Dennis and Mario."

Bert Smith, Grand Rapids - August 2016

"Thanks for your quick service!"

Gene S., Ada - August 2016

"We love our new well. Thank you so much."

Karen W. Middleville - July 2016

"Thanks for your fast service."

Millie S. - July 2016

"We can not thank you enough for how prompt you have been today in answering our questions and getting back to us. You are a class act outfit!"

Carl S.,Belmont - July 2016

"Thank you for taking care of the issue while I was away. It's comforting to know I can count on you for long distance repair. "

Nel B. - June 2016

"Ron was spectacular, very professional and represents your company well."

Aaron K. Grapids Irrigation - April 2016

"Just a note of thanks for a great job with installation and staff professionalism. You have a very reputable company for a reason, many thanks! I appreciate having great water / pressure!"

Kate H. - April 2016

"Thanks! We rave about your company to anyone who will listen!"

Rob, Alto - March 2016

"Excellent job! Finally after 16 years, decent water and pressure."

Kevin F., Grand Rapids - March 2016

"I had a very good contracting experience. All of your service techs were great guys. I have worked with a lot of contractors through the years and you have excellent employees."

Kevin F., Grand Rapids - February 2016

"This is a thank you note for the way Denise took care of me this morning. I called asking how to find the depth of my well at an old farmhouse. I expected that Buer would either say I don't know or suggest I call someone else. Denise took my name and address and said she would get back to me. I expected to hear something in a few days. 45 minutes later, I had a copy of the water well record in my e-mail. Buer doesn't stand to make any money with me today and Denise took care of me like I am her best customer. I haven't had service like this in 40 years. It is nice to know that in this day of phone trees and call centers , a local company has a lady who treats every customer as the most important customer. I expect to sell the property soon and due to my dealing with Denise today, I will suggest to the new owner that when it is time to drill a well for the home he intends to build that he call Buer. Denise did a nice job representing Buer today. Thank you,"

Mike M.,Alto - February 2016

"Thank you for all your hard work!"

Carl S.,Belmont - January 2016

"The new well is working great and the vein you hit at 147' has 100% better water than we had at 210' in the old well. Thanks again for taking care of us!"

Tom J., Caledonia - December 2015

"Thanks for the very prompt, professional and effective service. Ron was very instructive and did a great job for us."

Charles S., - December 2015

"Your guys did a really nice job with the well system plumbing at Regency Apartments. You don't see that kind of work everyday. That is doing things right!"

Ron, Fliers Under Ground Sprinkling - November 2015

"All of your crew that we have worked with have been great people. Count yourself among the lucky!"

Chuck S. - October 2015

"Your service tech, Dennis, is very friendly and helpful. Your company is lucky to have him."

Tim V., Kentwood - October 2015

"Thank you for your hard work in helping us with our well."

Sylvia W., Alto - October 2015

"Service was great. Called about problems and 2 days later you were drilling the new well. Best water pressure we have had in 15 years."

Robert B., Alto - October 2015

"You have great guys working for you. They are very helpful and polite."

Linda - October 2015

"Your business is lucky to have great employees that are friendly and trustworthy."

Wayne L. - October 2015

"We are 100% satisfied with the customer service and work that your crew has done at our home. They were very helpful/knowledgable with all of the questions that we had."

Joshua N., Dorr - October 2015

"Our well works great and it will be a long time before we take water for granted! Thanks for your hard work on a Saturday. It was very hot and you all went the extra mile. Thank you."

Gary Y. Coopersville - August 2015

"It has been a year since I had the new well installed and not a day goes by that I am not thankful for it. I would never have anything but a constant pressure system again. Just want to let you know that I am a Happy Customer!"

Jim M., Hastings, MI - August 2015

"I really appreciate your service and how quick you respond. All of your service men are always polite and really know what they are doing."

MRS. S - July 2015

"Thanks for your prompt attention to getting our "water needs" satisfied. The folks you had work at our place were great!"

Mike C. Holland - June 2015

"Thanks for your fast and efficient service."

Pat W., Middleville - June 2015

"We appreciate how quickly you worked to get us back in water. Everyone did a great job explaining everything to us and were very professional. It was wonderful working with your company."

Joe H., Rockford - April 2015

"Thanks for a great job done in a very timely manner!!!"

Max S., Grand Rapids - February 2015

"Thanks for the great job."

Paul K., Hudsonville - January 2015

"Everything is working great. Everyone was so friendly and answered all of my questions. Great job."

Bob W., Grand Rapids - December 2014

"Steve & Crew, Great Job, well done!"

Mike F., Ada - October 2014

"Your service tech that came to my house was very knowlegeable and friendly. I was impressed!"

Tom P. Grand Rapids - October 2014

"Thank you for your excellent work. All your guys were polite, well mannered and protected our lawn and driveway. I had a good experience with you."

Ron N. Byron Center - August 2014

"The whole well experience for me was excellent from start to finish. It started with Steve Buer himself coming out to my house to see the site and understand first hand from me what my expectations were for my new well. The drilling crew did an excellent job, were very polite and conscientious. The second crew, a father son team, who did the well hookup two days later was every bit as good. They have a very neat install in my basement and minimal disturbance of my yard. The yard is already back in shape. The use of the missile to avoid my landscaping rock and curbing was wonderful. More businesses should conduct business like this-honest, friendly, caring and committed to the customer's complete satisfaction. Great job Buer. Thank you may God bless your business and each one of you."

Jim M., Hastings, MI - June 2014

"I want to thank you for excellent service on a well problem we had. We knew we had a problem during the winter when the weather was so bad it would be hard to correct. As soon as we alerted you to the issue, you responded quickly. We are pleased with your prompt service and how efficiently you corrected the problem. Give a note of thanks to your employees who worked in miserable conditions and were competent and cordial. You should be proud of them! Convey my thanks to them."

Paul B. Grand Rapids - April 2014

"To all at Buer's: Thank you so much for all your help and expertise during our frustrating time with our water well. You all were very kind, and professional. Thanks again."

Karen J., Caledonia - March 2014

"We appreciated your patience and professionalism as you explained options and the strengths and weaknesses of each. You were also very candid in your sharing of possible problems, which thankfully never materialized, but prepared us well in advance. We also appreciated the communications from your secretary. She initiated communication consistently, and we were never near the point of calling to ask about time lines or possible problems. Lastly, we would like to compliment you on your crews. We met three of your crews, each of them was professional, friendly, and courteous. They were efficient, yet let us know that they were ready to listen and answer questions if we happened to have them. I have often heard that good employees make a company strong. If that is a true adage, your company should be indeed strong. Our satisfaction with the well, your willingness to listen and then advise, and the quality of your employees will certainly be the things we mention if we have the opportunity to recommend a well drilling company to others."

Ron, Byron Center - December 2013

"I can honestly say this is the first time I have had to make a phone call like this. I have had a lot of things done around my house over the years and not to many people even come close to meeting my expectations. I would like to sincerely thank you and your guys for doing an outstanding job and thank you for helping me figure out where to get decent water that worked. I can finally disconnect my iron filter. The guys that came out and hooked things up and put this whole thing together really did a first rate job. Everything looks good and works fantastic. They were very respectful walking in and out of the house and made no messes. Your whole crew just did a super job."

Jeff R., Dorr - November 2013

"Thank you for your prompt, courteous, efficient service! You and your service man were appreciated."

Ron G., Byron Center - September 2013

"Thanks for everything! You guys were great to work with!"

Meagan B., Byron Center - September 2013

"Everyone was very friendly and informative. I was very happy with everything."

Dale H., Byron Center - August 2013

"All the crews that were here were exceptional, very professional."

Mike B., Wyoming - July 2013

"Your crew did a really nice job, worked hard."

Dave P., Ada - July 2013

"You sent a very nice man to do this job. He even made sure he didn't destroy my newly planted flowers. Very considerate."

Mrs. Louis D., Lowell - June 2013

"The service tech that came to the house was very professional, took the time to answer all of my wife's questions and made sure everything was cleaned up when he finished."

Don V., Middleville - June 2013

"You have great guys!"

Aaron K., Grapids Irrigation - June 2013

"I was extremely impressed with how well your crew worked together as I watched them work at a neighbor's house."

Ken K. Ada - May 2013

"Buer- Thank you so much for your prompt service always."

Don A., Caledonia - April 2013

"Thank you for the friendly and efficient service!"

Nel B. Ada, - February 2013

"Thank you for the prompt service and the service techs did a great job. Fast and friendly."

Nell B. Ada, - February 2013

"We are thrilled with our new Constant Pressure System. Our electric bills have dropped $30 a month so far."

Dick B., Alto - January 2013

"Thank you for doing such a great job. We appreciate it!"

Kathy K. Grand Rapids - December 2012

"A sincere thanks to you and all the members of your staff. Everyone was VERY helpful and professional."

Ralph C. , Ada - December 2012

"To the staff at Buer: A couple of weeks ago I called you about a problem with my mother's well. I wanted to thank you for your kindness and your promptness in putting in a new pump for her. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful. Byron Plumbing recommended you and I'm glad they did!"

Marcia S. , Byron Center - September 2012

"Really appreciated your professionalism. You did an outstanding job."

Brad W., Alto - August 2012

"I was so happy with the service I received from Brent. He knew what needed to be done right away and didn't have to spend time troubleshooting."

Lee D. Middleville, MI - August 2012

"I was so pleased with the prompt and professional service I received."

Jerry N., Caledonia - July 2012

"You are forever my heroes!! Thank you for your prompt, professional attention!!"

Jane H., Grand Rapids - June 2012

"I wanted to thank you on behalf of the middle and high school students at Cornerstone Church for donating the equipment used by Jamie Duryea to install our volleyball poles. You are a blessing to the community."

Chris M. - April 2012

"You guys are the best, thank you for getting our chlorination and water tests done in time for the sale of our home."

Jeanette, Alto - February 2012

"I could not have been happier with the service we received from Brent. My daughter even gave him a hug when he was finished and said "thank you for getting us water". He went above and beyond to get the job done."

Erin, Wayland - February 2012

"Thanks very much, your guys were great. We have great pressure and the water tastes great!"

-Tom, Byron Center - September 2011

"Another satisfied customer!!!"

Paul, Middleville - September 2011

"I just want to thank you for your service, and the great job your crew did. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for your type of service."

-Carol - August 2011

"Thank you so much for helping us out with our well pump. We appreciated your flexibility to work on it on a Saturday. You were so kind."

Judy - June 2011

"Excellent job, much better water quality as well. Thanks."

-Ron, Wayland - May 2011

"Did a great job. Best the water has been in 6 years."

- Chris - May 2011

"Thank-you, your guys did a great job, I would highly recommend your company."

-Tom - May 2011

"You guys are the best! I love my water!"

-Scott - January 2011

"Your service tech was awesome!"

-Cheryl - November 2010

"I want to thank everyone who came out to the house for the prompt, fast, and courteous service. You had us up and running in a faster time then expected. So very much appreciated!!! Once again, thank you."

-Ron. - October 2010

"Thanks again for all you did for us when our well stopped working. The water truck you brought in was such a help during the seven days we had no water. All the guys were great to work with!"

-Tom - October 2010

"You have super, great employees! We'd recommend you to everyone."

-Tom - October 2010

"This letter is to let you know I appreciate your timely assistance in the repair and resolution to the water system at my lake house. I've always had great assistance over the years with your company and it's nice to know when I'm a thousand miles away I can count on someone to get the job done."

-Edward. North Dakota. - March 2010

"Thanks for your great service! What a huge difference! Happy Holidays."

- Luanne. Grand Rapids. - January 2010

"Jamie, Thank you again for all your hard work and skills to get us "Drinking at the Springs of Living Water" again. You're an answer to many prayers. We appreciate your perserverence."

- Jim & Gale. Grand Rapids. - January 2010

"You have a great bunch of guys working for you. We were very impressed the job got done so fast before the holiday."

- Ken. Middleville. - December 2009

"You have great employees who did an excellent job. If you ever need a recommendation have the person call me. Thank you very much!"

- Randy. Grand Rapids. - December 2009

"Thank you for your help!"

- Loretta. Caledonia. - December 2009

"Great job, great people, and great service. Thanks!"

- Larry. Freeport. - November 2009

"Thanks for repairing my pump as fast as you did. I appreciate it. Thanks again."

- Mike. Caledonia. - January 2009

"We appreciate your prompt service."

- Tom. Caledonia. - December 2008

"The serviceman, Dennis, was just a wonderful person. He stayed late into the night to get us back in water and did not act the least bit irritated to have to work late. He was extremely courteous and even thanked us for the opportunity to do the work. You couldn't have sent a better worker."

- Bruce. Belmont. - July 2008

"We have had several different contractors here at our home since your crew put in our new well. After watching others work here, I have a new appreciation for how good your crew is. They are polite, they work hard, and they do very good work. You should be proud of your company. Thank you very much."

- Dan. Caledonia. - July 2008

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you did in drilling our well this past month. You kept appointments, were courteous and conscientious of our property, and were efficient and accurate with the drilling and hooking up of the pipes, wires, units, and gadgets. I especially thank you for the respect your showed our landscaping. You carefully dug up the flowers and even replanted them! Wow! The sod was all pieced together and watered. You impressed us all the way through the project. Thanks again for a superb job! Any well digger can likely get water to the surface, but you all did the extras in an excellent way."

- Steve. Caledonia. - July 2008

"Thanks for the fast service!"

- Brad. Ada. - July 2008

"We are very happy with the well performance!"

- Dale. Dorr. - July 2008

"Thanks for calling back on Father's Day and keeping your arrangement of going to the campground and getting campers back in water. Very grateful for fast and efficient service."

- Ken. Middleville. - July 2008

"Many Thanks!"

- Don. Middleville. - June 2008

"Thank you for such prompt and good service!"

- Harm. Caledonia. - May 2008

"Jamie represents your company very well. He was professional and knew exactly what he needed to do and didn’t waste any time. I will recommend your company to anyone who needs work on a well."

- Larry. Grand Rapids. - May 2008

"Thank you for the excellent service."

- Steve. Ada. - May 2008

"We would like to thank everyone for your tremendous work on our behalf. The new well and the quality of the water have been revolutionary here at our house, as you can well imagine. Thanks again to all for their hard work, and their good work."

- Ron. Caledonia. - March 2008

"Thanks for everything."

- Betty. Wayland. - March 2008

"Thanks for your help."

- Grace. Caledonia. - February 2008