Water Well Product Line

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Our goal is to carry the top well pump brands available with an emphasis on American Mfd. Pumps whenever possible. 

We have access to pump parts for all major well pump manufacturers, so we can repair any household or commercial water system.

AY McDonald pumps is our primary brand and are manufactured by a 5th generation family  business. We are proud to install these high quality American manufactured pumps.

We are a Grundfos Pumps Professional Dealer and stock Grundfos SQ & SQE submersible pumps & Constant Pressure Controls.

We also provide Goulds pumps.

We are a Franklin Electric “Key Dealer” and stock Franklin Electric Submersible motors and motor controls including FE CRC controls that will quiet down noisy 3-wire submersible pumps.

Older existing 2 wire or 3 wire submersible well systems can upgraded to constant pressure well pumping systems. Let us show you how simple it can be!

We have installed hundreds of constant pressure well systems since  1999. We service all brands of pump VFD’s.  For  Commercial VFD systems  we install  Franklin Electric and Yaskawa VFD’s.

We stock Century jet pump motors to get your jet pump back in service.

Water Well Product Line

  • AY McDonald Submersible Pumps & Jet Pumps
  • Goulds Pumps & Jet Pumps
  • Grundfos Pumps & Constant Pressure
  • FE Pumps & Constant Pressure
  • FlexCon Pressure Tanks
  • Hitzer Shallow Well Hand Pumps
  • Baker & Heller Aller Deep Well Hand Pumps
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