Well Drilling Services

At Buer Well Drilling we specialize in drilling both residential and commercial water wells for homes and businesses throughout West Michigan.

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With Buer Well Drilling your property protection is a priority; we utilize  PVC mats under our drill rig tires to minimize lawn damage and we provide Vacuum truck services to remove drilling slurry  from your  property.

Well Drilling Services

Our rotary and cable tool drill rigs are capable of drilling 4″ to 12″  diameter water wells. We offer PVC or Galvanized steel well casing and we’ll help you decide which drilling method and casing material is the best choice for your well and your water quality.

Our well pump installation trucks are equipped with hydraulic derricks & hoists capable of installing submersible well pumps ranging from 1/2hp to 150hp for your home or business. We have specialty trenching equipment that allows us to install water lines/conduits under drives, decks, existing landscaping, and even buildings without damaging your property.

We will test well water during the drilling process to assure that we construct your well at the correct depth where it will produce the best quality and quantity of clean water.

Our goal is to involve you in the decision making process during all phases of your new well; with your input, we can design a water well system to best meet your needs.

At Buer, we can provide an affordable way to water your lawn or crops.

We install wells specifically for irrigation, 4″ thru 12″ diameter wells cased with PVC or steel providing up to 1,000 GPM. We are approved  to drill irrigation wells on properties serviced by city water, making lawn irrigation affordable for our customers. Call us for more for details.  

We have the drilling rigs and grouting equipment to install cathodic protection equipment and to  grout with coke breeze material.  

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