Water Well System Services

Emergency Well Service for No Water Conditions

We have technicians on call to assist you with emergencies, just give us a call and we will get your water flowing again. 

Water Well, Pump and Tank Service

We service all brands of well water pumps and pressure tanks. We stock most parts needed to get your system working again the day of repairs. Our network of pump parts suppliers provide us same day service for parts we may not have in stock. You may bring your pump to our shop for repairs, or we can bring our equipment to your home to make well and pump repairs.  

Our hoist trucks are capable of repairing most wells, and we can remove your pump from your well and make the necessary repairs to get you back in service the same day. 

We have PVC mats which we place under the truck tires to minimize damage to your lawn when we encounter soft ground or wet conditions. We also have truck mounted high capacity air compressors to clean mineral buildup from older wells.   

In cases where water wells or pumps are located inside buildings or inaccessible to service trucks we have specialized remotely operated hydraulic portable pump pulling equipment capable of servicing these hard-to access pumps. 

Water Well and Pump Repair Services

Are you experiencing low pressure from your well pumping system? Whether you want strong water pressure from a new water well system or you would like to improve the pressure of your existing pumping system, a VFD Constant Pressure system is a great option to consider. We stock constant pressure pumping systems which provide well water pressure similar to city water pressure for your home or business.   

If your home or business has limited space for a pressure tank a wall mounted constant pressure systems can be mounted in spaces as small as a cupboard or up near the ceiling if needed. Constant Pressure systems are a great option when space is at a premium. 

We specialize in water line replacement and repairs. In order to provide fast service on leaking pipelines we own our own trenching equipment.  We also utilize pneumatic missile & horizontal boring equipment to install water lines under existing walkways, drives, decks, and landscape to protect your property. 

We provide fusion welding for 1” thru 4” diameter HDPE  piping which eliminates fittings that can rust or break and screw clamps that can fail. Now we can ensure maximum reliability for your buried water lines by eliminating mechanical joints underground.  

We provide camera surveys for 3″ to 12″ diameter water wells. We’ll provide you with a digital video taken by our camera to commemorate our journey down your well. We can take the guesswork out of difficult well problems and help you find solutions. >>Watch our downhole camera video (see sidebar). 

We provide portable water tankers with on-board pumping systems to provide your home with “a temporary water supply” during extended “no water conditions” that you may experience during major water well repair or well replacement. 

We specialize in bringing your old, underperforming well back to “like new” performance. We’re experts at well screen replacement in 2″ thru 4″ diameter cased wells. This is generally the most effective way to recondition a well. If well screen replacement is not a viable option, we recommend acid cleaning of existing well screens using the latest chemistry available. We have stainless brushes for cleaning stubborn mineral deposits from the well casing and well screens. Our hoist trucks use compressors to agitate the acid for maximum cleaning. We also use a compressor to air lift the scale and rust from your well to complete the well cleaning process. Last, but not least, we test the PH of the acid solutions and neutralize the acid before pumped out of your well to protect the environment. 

Our expertise in water well chlorination and the techniques we use provide you with bacteria-free drinking water. We provide prompt service on well chlorinations for mortgage evaluations and can usually obtain laboratory certified clean samples after chlorinations within 48 hours. We utilize tank trucks for bulk well chlorination, or hoist equipment with compressors for complete well cleaning. We employ the latest products to adjust the PH in your well to get maximum biocide effectiveness out of our well chlorinations. 

With access to pump parts for all major manufacturers, with an emphasis on American-made pumps, we can get what we need to repair your water system.

Let’s get started.