Water Testing and Well Inspections

Water Well Testing & Inspections


We are authorized by the State of Michigan to draw water samples for testing of Coliform/E-Coli, Nitrates, VOC’s, Arsenic, PFAS and a multitude of other tests. If you are having trouble getting passing water samples for your home sale please call us. We are experts at cleaning up difficult wells with bacteria issues and we can expedite your water testing so you can keep your closing on schedule.

For home buyers, we also recommend having a professional well driller perform a mechanical inspection of any existing water wells at your potential new home. We can often find the water system’s repair history and we will provide you with a status report of the condition of the well system and what to expect for repair costs in the future.

Water Well Testing & Inspections

We offer free non-certified drinking water testing for nitrates, iron, hardness and more. We provide state certified lab water testing for coliform & e-coli bacteria, arsenic,PFAS, VOCs, SOC’s, PNA’s, Glyphosates, partial  chemistry, and virtually any substance you need to test for. We are authorized by the State of Michigan to collect water samples from water well systems.  We can also provide emergency laboratory water testing over the weekend if you have a water system that supplies the public. 

We have water line locating equipment and we can locate your well service line & pump wire which Miss Dig will not stake. Give us a call before you dig! 

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